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Our work will make you say WOW! 

Our work will make you say WOW! 

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Meet Summitt and Neyland

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Keith D. Martin, third-generation owner of We Do Wow, and his family have two golden doodles that we would like for you to meet: Summitt and Neyland. These are the official We Do Wow company mascots!

These two are inseparable companions who love to explore the outdoors together. Discover more about them in the sections below:

Meet Summitt

A golden doodle puppy, Summitt is the newest addition to our We Do Wow family. She is currently 6 months old.

Summit can often be seen with Keith in the We Do Wow truck exploring Nashville.

Meet Neyland

Neyland is also a golden doodle, and he is two years old. He sure is happy to now have his new best friend, Summitt!

We Love Tennessee

We Do Wow has been serving the Nashville TN area since 1944. As you might be able to tell, our family is a big fan of Tennessee, particularly the UT Vols!

Hence the names of our dogs: Summitt and Neyland.

We are proud to have named them both after two legendary Tennessee coaches.

Indeed, Summitt is named after Pat Summitt, legendary Lady Vols basketball coach, and Neyland is named after Robert Neyland, legendary football coach.

Thanks for meeting Summitt and Neyland today with us and checking out our We Do Wow blog. Stay tuned for the latest company news and Nashville home remodeling tips and tricks. Right here on the We Do Wow blog.

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