Our work will make you say WOW! 

Our work will make you say WOW! 

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Kitchen Remodel Trends in 2023

If you’ve spent time reading our blogs, you know we’re all about delivering the additional wow factor to your home. Why are we so obsessed with sharing the latest and most fabulous kitchen renovation ideas? Because we love what we do, and it has run in the family for over three generations. 

Renovations are always challenging from the customer’s perspective. We know how you feel.  We understand that the items in your home have years of emotional attachment, and it’s challenging to let go of them. A kitchen remodel in Brentwood is about welcoming a fresh living experience for the bright years ahead. 

Of course, there’s more to remodeling than just inspiration. You can achieve the highest quality of work in your kitchen, bath, and home with a team that takes the time to care—and not cut corners. At We Do Wow, we love our clients; we love what we do. We do wow is what we do. 

But, the most significant impact of a kitchen or home remodel happens when your contractor translates the vision you hope to achieve. Take a look at this. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value report for the greater Nashville region, remodeling your kitchen can be the wisest investment for your home, with a return on investment (ROI) between 51% to 75%. 

In other words, investing in a kitchen remodel can produce a return on investment for your home property value—a win-win—and, that is if you’re selling or in for the long term. It is a great way to continue building equity on your property while having a space to call home and build spectacular experiences. 

By keeping up with the latest trends, we hope you can be inspired for the year ahead to keep your home welcoming and happy. Here are the latest trends and ideas you can use to help you create the most inspiring kitchen yet. 

Go for the marble(s)

You know, whenever our team is in front of our client, I always encourage boldness. To be bold is to make unique statements and express your vision. Marble is extraordinary; for one, you can choose between a plethora of color options, including black, gray, white, or light pink. The color offerings come in a wide range. It depends on how bold you’d like your kitchen to be. 

Although this option costs more than other options, investing in richer materials contributes to a more significant ROI.  Some key benefits to consider:

  • High quality looks 
  • Durable, extended lifespan 
  • Great for cooking, easier to keep clean 

Its beautiful properties arise from its limestone and calcium composites, a natural cut that makes each piece unique. It has a rich look, and it feels elegant, adding more personality to the heart of the home. (If you need help choosing the correct color, don’t sweat it, as the initial step in a We Do Wow remodel is to visit some great countertop providers who will guide you in choosing the best color.) In your next kitchen remodel in Brentwood, be bold—and go for the marble. 


High stools to create an exquisite dining experience 

A stunning kitchen without the proper furniture can can make or break your kitchen experience. It’s the small things that makes the biggest difference. So, consider investing in high-quality stools that match the ambiance and theme you desire. 


Here are some a few high stool styles to put on your design wish list: 

  • Rustic full back bar stools
  • A classical touch
  • Modern luxury with a home feel
  • Minimal but extravagant 
  • Hamptons style 


Lighting to provide the proper ambiance  

When considering the proper lighting for your kitchen remodel, it’s always important to know what style you are looking to incorporate. A classic feel may have less complicated lighting than a modern luxury. 


And, that’s why you can use these ideas to best determine which best fits your style and needs. No client is the same. When a client seeks us for a kitchen remodel in Brentwood, they come in all styles and forms. It’s quite fun to be able to translate what they feel into kitchen talk. Here are some quite stunning lighting styles:


  • Classic 
  • Farmhouse 
  • Edgy 
  • English country 
  • French country 
  • Modern luxury 


A side bar to make your kitchen the life of the party 

Looking to host the best gatherings in 2023? Consider a side bar with your favorite amenities. An added element of luxury made to show and serve, a side bar can store your best cocktail glasses and your favorite brands of booze. 

  • A side bar with a modular wine rack to serve your best drinks 
  • Bar cabinet 
  • Outside bar kitchen 

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Now you have the list of things that you can’t leave out of your new kitchen and the places where you can get them, hands into work! Let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams, all you need are some lights to brighten your days, some comfy but stylish seats, the art of a marble countertop and creativity to find the solution to your needs. 


We know each family is a world and, as a family, we like a friendly treat and affinity with our customers, that’s why we focus on one family at a time to work with you discovering your likes and home needs to offer you the most efficient solutions created with you and for you. 

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